Rain & Snow On Devil’s Lake

Today I was able to get out and paddle for a couple hours on Devils Lake (www.devilslakewisconsin.com) . The wind was out of the north between 20 & 30 mph and we had about 1ft chop. I had to paddle Mary’s boat today since mine is down at Rutabaga (www.rutabaga.com) having repairs done after last sundays adventure. It’s suprising how different another persons boat can be to paddle. We both have NDK explorers but mine is a 99 version and her’s is a 2002. Since her boat is lighter and the seat is a bit higher it feels much more “bouncy” than mine. Our plan is to cut the seat out of both boats and replace them with foam to lower the center of gravity a bit.

It was great to get out in the wind and rain today. It’s that sensual experince that really got me hooked on the sport in the first place. It’s hard to describe to folks who don’t paddle exactly what it’s like to be out there jumping waves while wind, spray, rain, and bit’s of ice fly across your face. It’s wonderful!!!

In the end I got about 3.5 miles in on the water. Rock On!

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