Took advantage of the insane wind today to go out to Devil’s Lake and play a bit. Wind today is pretty consistent at about 30mph with gusts near 50. Temp was hovering at 33 f. Waves were around 1 to 2 foot white caps and very choppy. You certainly wouldn’t want to be in 4 to 6 or more in this wind. I really had to keep the paddle very low or risk losing it.

On the south east end of the lake the water was pretty soupy and waves were coming from both the west and north. This is a good place to practice some rolls. I was very aware that even rolling I wanted to keep the paddle low in the water to avoid losing it when it came out of the water. Let alone be careful not to be blown right back over when I came up! You know it’s windy when you have to drive around branches all over the road when you leave the lake for the day. Fun, fun!

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