Hey Moto, Is there anybody out there?

My quick cell phone post a few days back got me thinking. Not a good thing on any day, let along Friday. Somewhere in my mental haze I suddenly realized. . . Somebody has to create a cell phone for kayakers!
I’d like Motorola to do it because they’re a Midwest based corp. I’d like to see their employees down in Illinois have jobs long into the future. So Moto, create a super phone for me. I’ll buy it. Here’s what I want. . .

1. Waterproof – No big deal really. Just call Icom and see how they do it. I can’t use a water-resistant phone. I hate putting my phone in a case. Since it’s going to be a VHF as well (see item 2) , I want it in my PFD. Totally waterproof. And not to 5 feet either. What if it sinks? It has to be waterproof to the depth that I may reasonably be expected to go after it. And considering what this is going to cost, I may go pretty deep! I’d even be happier if it would just float!

2. VHF capabilities – Since you are calling ICOM anyway incorporate a VHF into the phone.

3. Rugged – I want to drop kick my phone and still use it. It should be one of those yellow rubberized things with grips all over it too. I’m not fond of yellow, but I want to see it if I drop it.

4. Walkie-Talkie – Ok, so add this feature and you just sold me two phones! Kayaker’s can get separated sometimes I need a walkie-talkie good up to a couple miles.

5. GPS – You already put simple GPS in my phone. Now add some basic navigation tools. Call Garmin. Their E-trex is simple enough and would provide some good basic GPS function to a phone.

6. Digital Compass – I have a compass on my boat, but a digital back up would be great.

7. MP3 Player – I want music when I’m camping. Let’s get rid of the transdisc though, and put in an SD or better yet, a compact flash. I need at least 2-4 gigs of memory for music, video, pictures, email. . .. .Oh, yes, and waterproof headphones with heavyduty wires, not those fragile things you offer now, but some rugged head phones that I can throw in the tent and accidentally step on. I don’t really want to use them on the water, I just want them not to be damaged if they get wet. Wait, just make the headphones bluetooth compatable and skip the wires all together.

8. A Decent Still/video Camera – We have to have at least 4 megapixes and decent stabilization. Call Canon, they could get you started here. Now that I have my big memory card in there I can afford the space to shoot decent shots.

9. Get rid of that nasty data cable hook up! – You should fire the guy who came up with the charger & data cable plug on most of your phones. It’s way to fragile. Why not just use a USB or firewire plug on both ends? The charger could connect with a normal end and certainly does not need that little push button, clicky thing that breaks it’s connection if you breath anywhere near the phone. Redesign this so I can use it with gloves on please.

10. Weather Alert & Current Conditions – I don’t mind buying my weather application but it should have a weather alert option. And while we are at it could we add current temp and barometer sensors? Then if this new wonderphone ends up a “flip phone”, I’d like to see that temp & barometer displayed on the cover at all times if I choose.

11. Big programmable buttons. I need the major features to be triggered with big buttons. Again Icom does a good job with this. Have a look. I would like a big button under the normal phone keys for :

Phone – VHF – GPS – Walkie Talkie – Compass

I’d like to be able to customize the buttons to emergency numbers or most used channel. Also when I push the button the phone changes to that primary function.

12. Extended, Extended battery life. I know it can be done. We need to be able to use all the functions for up to 1 week without recharging. Yes, I’ll buy a spare battery. . But not 5 spare batteries.

I think that’s about it for the moment. Considering what I’ve paid for GPS, VHF and phone already and add in the cost of a decent MP3 player I’m sure if you could get the whole deal in under $600 you could sell it.

So Moto, How about it?

You know sooner or later all those Finish kayakers will be talking to Nokia. . .
Wouldn’t it be cool if you got there first?
PS – To continue this saga carry on over to On Kayaks and read this:

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4 Responses

  1. alex

    hmmm… i added that up to be close to $1000 or more for that phone. Plus selling that phone to an extremely niche market basically kills all those things. Let’s not get greedy and focus it down a little. A floating, waterproof phone, with GPS, VHF, compass, and walkie talkie would be fine. I dont need the bluetooth, mp3s, firewire/usb or anything like that. I think a phone with just those features would be awesome although it probably would be fairly bulky and have like 10 antennas in it. My current cell phone has 3 antennas (1 external, 2 internal) and it only has limited GPS and standard digital/analog phone service.

  2. derrick

    Yep, my math came close to yours too, but one can dream!!!

    My phone now has limited gps, mp3, email, weather, bluetooth, etc., I just need the VHF, Compass, Walkie-talkie, and expanded GPS

    Now. . . Can’t we open this up to climbers, recreational boaters, hikers, climbers, bikers . . Maybe add an altimeter??