Liquid Logic is bloggin. .

I can’t help but at least mention the new Liquid Logic Blog at http://www.liquidlogickayak.blogspot.com/. I’m sure they will have good success with it. In fact I see a lot of folks find my blog by searching for reviews of the LL Hoss. You may remember that some time ago I was talking about my search for a WW play boat. Anyway, all the best with that.Another Blog of note this week is Justine Curgenven’s over at Caclketv.com. Last weekend was the sea kayak symposium at Anglesey, North Wales and she has a great bit on a little excursion into the tidal races at Penrhyn Mawr. Her blog is at http://www.cackletv.com/blog.html

See, I have to send you to others when I have nothing useful to contribute! Oh, and by the way the result of my physical is that I get to live a bit longer!! So now I guess I can plan in earnest for our trip to the Manitou Islands at the end of the month. I also received my assignments for the West Michigan Symposium. hmmm, I better not tell them I forgot which side of the paddle goes up! If you’re going we’ll see you there!Ok, So it looks like there is still enough time to get out on the lake today, so . . . .


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