Dolphin Spit

Romeo, he said to Juliet, “You got a poor complexion.
It doesn’t give your appearance a very youthful touch!”
Juliet said back to Romeo, “Why don’t you just shove off
If it bothers you so much.” – dylan

Pools are great, but I miss rolling up into a hot sun. I have to admit it’s great sometimes to have a pool all to yourself just to work. The downside is rolling up and finding yourself slipping under the slide! Or rolling up in a torrent of dolphin spit!Slipping off the side of a pool into the water is always a fun little endeavor. It’s not like it’s big deal to drop the 6 inches off the side, but you never know when you’ll do something stupid and end up upside-down right off.

Being back in a warm pool was great. I slid over into a balance brace which I’m finding easier all the time in the WW boat. Of course it’s a cheat, but I hope the experience will someday translate for me over to my sea boat. At this point it seems like a really desperate hope! I had an offer to help me with that next summer. I plan to hold her to it!!

If I’m going to work on rolling there is no point in taking my Euro paddle, so I just took the stick with me today. First I worked through the rolls I’m most at ease with, standard G rolls, c to c, sweeps, storms, angels and shotguns. This small group of rolls I can pretty much do without too much thought. Then I moved on to working on chest sculling and reverse sweep rolls which I’ve found to be working nicely with my NDK & a Masik. If I take the Masik out, them I can just forget coming back up. In the White water boat, I’ve had to start at the beginning. Chest sculls seem really weird in that the ww boat just wants to be 100% over. The roll on the other hand goes well If I keep Alex’s (who by the way, is getting a lot of mention recently!!) single rule in my head, “Boat First”. I’ll come up each time. But as soon as I lose concentration and bring my body up first I go right back over!

Then I spent some time working on another Greenland roll, “Rolling with paddle held in crook of elbow”. I would pull that off pretty easily as long as I did not hit the bottom on my way round with the paddle. I have to work on that set up a bit. I also tried a variation on the classic “shotgun or armpit roll” but with the end of the paddle in the crook of the arm instead of in the arm pit just for fun. Rolling this way is fairly simple, however you have to keep pressure on the paddle so it does not slip off your arm. The arm pit roll is generally looked at as another way to roll up in case of injury. I’m guessing this variation is in case of injury AND you almost lost the paddle as well. . .

Lastly I worked on off-side rolls. I don’t really have problems with my offside rolls directly, but I know that my on-side rolls are slow and smooth most of the time, where off-side they are fast and less fluid. I have to work on that. Well, back to the pool next week. (and maybe Lake Columbia in between) One thing about a day at the pool, you are reminded how far you have to go.