roll us down the mountain

Too much to carry around with you,
No chance of finding a woman who
Will love you in the morning and all the night time too. Whoo!
– tull

In the summer I feel athletic. Well, not svelte exactly. I’ll never be a thin man. But I do feel fleet footed, balanced and fast. Then December rolls around and I suddenly feel hoof footed and bristly like a pot bellied pig wrapped in neoprene. Funny that. I seem to ride a border line where just a few pounds either way and it changes my whole existence.

So there I am in the pool feeling chubby and inflexible. My rolls are stiff. I’m not just performing the ballet in that light fluid way I’m used to. For some time I just labored away feeling like an overfed manatee. After some time of this had passed and I was just about to give up for the night, I realized something. My kayak had about 6 inches of water rolling around in it. In a white water boat this much water makes a huge difference. You sit lower, your rolls are slower. Everything happens in it’s own good time and you much go with it. You don’t just pop up in a flooded boat. So I paddled over to the side of the pool, wet exited and drained the boat. I climbed back in and went out again. At first my rolls felt great again. I was much happier. But it didn’t last. Soon I was slogging around again. I popped my skirt and again there was 6 inches of water in the boat. Water is getting in. I paddled back to the edge and drained the water again. I checked the drain plug. I played with my skirt. I fidgeted, I twisted, I poked. Soon I was back in the water and after a time I was again slogging around like an old barge. No, I don’t feel any thinner, but at least I know that it’s not all me. Somehow water is getting into my boat. I need to investigate.

Have you checked out Keith Wikle’s blog recently? Keith is planning quite a trip for next summer. A Lake Michigan Archipelago trip. One of the really challenging bits of this trip will be a variety of long open water crossings. The longest is about 19 miles! On any body of water a 19 mile open water crossing is a brave endeavor. I wish him all the best. Next summer is lining up to have some great trips. I’m sure we’ll all be watching. Unless of course we’re out there as well. . .

In the mean time I think I’ll be counting calories again. Argggg!

3 Responses

  1. Alex

    Yeah an empty boat rolls easily and a completely full boat rolls easily. It’s the partially full boat that usually rolls in a sloppy manner. The water is most likely coming from your tunnel if it isn’t the drain plug. What sort of top are you wearing with the skirt?

  2. derrick

    I was thinking it might just be the tunnel because the skirt had been soaking wet for a few days and probably very loose. The drain plug seemed ok.

    Every so often I roll it full of water just to train my body for offside stuff. (works well for me) So I’m used to the feel of a flooded boat, but when you’re not expecting it, it takes a few minutes to catch on!