Chasing The Ana

Hey Anna here’s your song
The one that i promise baby, promise you all along
I knew all the time that id find the rhyme
Never have a fear, here it is my dear
– marvin gaye

So I had a thought. What happens when I want to write about preparations for my trip while at the same time there is all this great news out there from all the “real” kayakers?? Well, the obvious answer was to flip-flop. Apparently I’m shooting for a life in politics! Well be that as it may, from now on the place to go to find out about all the preparations is to the new “CHASING THE ANA” Blog. So if you want to follow along you can, and if not you’re more than welcome to hang out here as well. But just imagine what you’ll miss!! There I’ll be rambling on about how I’m racking up a phone bill calling strangers in San Juan or why I think I should take up traditional Puerto Rican dance. Who knows were it all will lead!? I’ve started the “official” (not to be officious mind you) blog with a bit of a diatribe on the difficulties of finding a partner and why a dart board may come in handy. I’m certainly not going to post over there every day, but I will keep you up to date with the trials and tribulations of the preparation. And as soon as she can come out to play my partner on the trip will be posting as well. I’m sure she’d like to tell you what a tyrant I’ve become. Hopefully I’ll fair better than others. . .

The local lake is still open. I think I’m going paddling tomorrow. I’ll take the Romany. I’m sure Nigel would approve.

Update: New CTA Post “Sponsors”.

8 Responses

  1. Wendy Killoran

    Derrick, a few days ago you said, “I am an idealist, a sensualist and a romantic at heart.” What more could a partner ask for when chasing the Ana under a tropical sun?

  2. Alex

    I can’t seem to leave a comment on your ANA blog so I’ll comment here. I’m a Pepsi or Diet Rite guy myself. That’s all.

    Oh and now I have to check TWO blogs multiple times a day!

  3. Michael

    I like wine in bags… and…ah… play guitar… and, let’s see… I can paddle, sort of. Oh and I’ve a great balance brace to use when I’m tired. Am I in?

  4. JohnB

    I won’t leave my deoderant at home so that I have room for more batteries for all my electronics I take along.

    Oh, and how about an expeditioning partner that is first up in the morning and has coffee ready when I roll out of bed (I’m usually this person, it would be nice to have someone else do it for a change).

  5. derrick

    I fixed the CTA blog you can post over there now too. No need to check it daily I’ll post over here when I update it.

    Ha! Wendy, thanks. . that’s easy to say now! LOL!!!

    JB would leave the deoderant at home just to make room for all his navigation gear. 7 protractors, 35 china pens, 4 compasses, a sun dial, a sextant. . . .

    Oh, Micheal’s got a balance brace?? Sorry, I’d just resent you too much!! I can’t balance brace to save myself. so sad, so sad. . .

  6. JohnB

    I’d still find room for the deodorant, I just can’t do that to an expedition partner much less myself! But with my newly honed wilderness emt skills, I could cut down on the first aid kit.

    Derrick, you may not have a balance brace, but you can stand on your head!