making my case!


So, here is that rumored “World’s Best Map Case”. Which by the way, it is. This map case is made by hand by Axel Shcoevers. Sitting one night in the Paddler’s Return Axel came up to me and gave me one, which I’m really thankful for. He does not get too many made, and nothing else compares when you need to keep your maps dry. In fact Justine Curgenven told me she will keep her passport in it. Now that’s trust! So, how do you get one of these fancy map cases?? Well, email Axel and hope he’s got some free time!!


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  1. JohnB

    I met Axel 3 years ago or so when he was at BCU week at Sea Kayak Georgia–he was one of the coaches on my 5 star class I took. And, I saw then what I believed to be the perfect chart/map case for sea kayakers. Since then I’ve spoken to at least 3 different manufacturers about the needs for a better case than is out there today. They’ve listened (I think) but have so far ignored my plea.

    Anxious to get up close and personal with your case and see if it is something I can make for myself.

  2. bryan

    That should be a pretty easy case to make. Some vinyl and HH-66 vinyl cement will do the trick. From the pictures, it looks like the only seams that are completely sealed are the top and bottom.

    I don’t completely understand the closure system. Derek, can you post more pictures.

    Anyway, you cut the vinyl, cement the seams, and let the HH-66 dry completely. Then put the two pieces together and reactivate the HH-66 with a heat gun/hair drier. I’ve made a GPS case and a VHF case and dry bags using the same techniques.

  3. JohnB

    Bryan–is that HH-55 vinyl cement pretty ease to come by?

    The closure a few year ago resemble the clip on the bottom of a food tube–a slide and spindle type closure.

  4. bryan

    HH-66 is a pain to try and find. I order mine from Seattle Fabrics, but you can find it in marine supply catalogs.

    This stuff is the same glue that Tom Yost uses on his homemade folding kayaks. I’ve built a wooden framed Yost “folder” with clear vinyl and HH-66. Easy to work with.