risky pic redux

So Dan commented on the post “Risky Pics” wondering about publishing photos of paddlers without PFDs. I can remember a couple magazines taking hits over cover shots or other images of paddlers without PFDs.  Obviously Bic had other priorties when putting together this marketing shot.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. s

    Could use a bit more torso rotation and leg drive…

    My thoughts? Lighten up, Francis. Risk is associated with everything in life. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions.


  2. I think her top tie is a bit tight as well as and could cut into her back, seriously compromising her evening dinner and dancing enjoyment…
    Note as well the editor of National Geographic this month (March) paddling sans pfd. Perhaps some live at a ‘higher’ level of existence where risk of injury (death?) is less likely…

  3. David D.

    Wasn’t that the reason Sea Kayaker didn’t review or do an article on the original TITS? The whole opening sequence thing with sea kayaking not being only men with beards? (thank God!, says me, a man with a beard!)

  4. derrick

    I can say I’ve never heard the inside scoop on that one. Of course there was more to that scene that meets the eye. . . no matter what Sea Kayaker thought. . . LOL!

  5. Kellie

    Someone ought to let her know that Stohlquist makes a nice pfd for ladies. I love my pfd and I am nowhere near as gifted (a paddler) as she is…

    PS interesting boat

  6. Jim

    Nice lines, nice frame…Did somebody say there was a kayak in that pic? I’ll have to go back and take another look-see…

  7. cooldoctor1

    She is safe in two regards:

    a) the Bic Yakka IS a PFD. I mean, look at the thing (I can say that, I on two).

    b) She has built-in PFDs. Two.