A Journey Takes Hayley

The power of imagination makes us infinite.
– John Muir

In February of 2009 Hayley Shepard will attempt to circumnavigate South Georgia Island by sea kayak. She will begin by heading counter-clockwise, heading into one of the most dramatic and most fearsome environments the world has to offer.

Here is Hayley’s Bio From Werner: Hayley has spent her entire life surrounded by the sea. She was born and raised in New Zealand, moved to Canada and took up residents on a 31foot sail boat which she owned and operated and is now residing in the northern regions of Vancouver Island. Her profession as a teacher extended gradually into the wilderness and as Expedition Leader and naturalist, Hayley has lead people into the world’s richest natural environments by sea kayak, sail boat and Russian ship. She spends her winters in Antarctica, and her summers exploring the High Arctic. As well she pilots vessels in the remote, northern inlets of the Pacific Northwest where grizzly and black bears roam and in Orca and Humpback whale riddled waters. In her spare time, Hayley has taken to her kayak and became the first woman to sea kayak around Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte islands alone. While guiding and gallivanting around Islands by kayak, Hayley enjoys capturing the true essence of nature through photography and writing. Her images and adventure articles have been published in various magazines; she has traveled the globe with entertaining slide shows and recently had published a children’s book entitled “Leave Only Footprints”. Her sights are now set on being the first person to attempt a solo sea kayak journey around South Georgia Island in the aid of helping to Save the Albatross. – www.wernerpaddles.com (Hardly worth re-writing this since they did such a good job!)

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Hayley arrives in Stanley on the Falkland Islands on January 25th with all her gear.  From there she will get organized and packed then head out on a 54ft steel Damien II ketch called the  Northanger for a 5-7 day sail to the east coast of South Georgia Island.  Hayley plans to paddle by day and land each evening to camp as weather permits.  You’ll be able to follow along at her website; www.kayakingtosavealbatross.com. . . I know I will be!

*image provided by Hayley Shepard (edited by me). Thank you!

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