April 3, 2010

Back in Black

Ok, so there's this whole vanity thing. (Disregard anything I may have implied in my last post!!). No, I didn't suddenly buy another skin boat. This is the same beast with a new doo. Next comes a glass of red wine, some fine paint brushes, some leather, and a carving knife... I think I'm re-discovering my inner artist. Still, chances are even that I could end up selling it when I'm all done. We'll see. But for the moment there is a certain joy in having a kayak that I can fiddle with. This canvas boat has become, my canvas.

Dairyland Boatwerks – Dealing with Oxidation

I've paddled long enough that I've faced this little job before. Depending on the level of oxidization you may be able to hand polish it out, sometimes you need to sand. This was the case with my warhorse. After I cut all the deck lines and bungies off I went about wet-sanding the deck, first with a medium fine paper, then very fine. In the picture above you can see a pretty distinct line between where I had worked the deck (left side) and where it was still oxidized (right).