Coming Up: Gear Pods & The Oatmeal Test

Video – Next week I’ll be doing a review of Gear Pods, the cool new modular adventure gear kits.  This weekend I’m running the final and maybe most important (to me) test.  It’s called “The Oatmeal Test”.  Just how waterproof are Gear Pods anyway?  In my kayak filled world, I’ve found my waterproof bags and cases can sometimes spend hours in and under the water.  It happens.  It happened to me last weekend in fact!! Nothing sucks more than when you realize that your first-aid kit got soaked because the “waterproof” case leaked.  How Gear Pods hold up to sitting in standing water for a couple days will tell me a lot about how appropriate they are for sea kayaking.  Next week, we’ll talk a bit more what Gear Pods have to offer as I review their Backcountry kit.  AND by Monday morning we’ll know just how they stood up to the dreaded Oatmeal Test as well!

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  1. John Browning

    L O V E I T !!! Great music, and now I know what to do with those dumb bells in the basement. Thanks D!