Home & Dry

It was almost 8pm when we heard the sound of our driveway gravel snapping and popping under our wheels after almost 8 hours on the road from Grand Marais.  This morning will be spent clearing out the gear, garbage and oder that can collect in your automobile after a few days at a sea kayaking symposium.  So for the moment let me just share some pictures from the 2010 Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium & the wonderful landscapes & seascapes of the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore region.  Click here for the slideshow.

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6 Responses

  1. Hey David,

    I had just checked your blog to see if you had done a write up yet. Yeah, it was great to meet in the “real” world! Too bad we didn’t get to coach a class together. We could have really screwed some folks up! LOL!

  2. Nice slideshow, Derrick! It was great, as always, to see you at a symposium. Our attempt at a blogger meet-up will have to wait ’til the next one!