Back Support

Over the last couple days I took a bit of time to fashion out a new back support for my the Romany I’ve been working on recently. You may remember I was just about ready to give it away.  Well, after repairing a hole & going after all the weird grey gelcoat patches, and now adding a nice comfortable back support it’s starting to turn into a boat worth owning. 

This back support is made with mini-cell foam which is fairly expensive in big chunks but easy enough to work with. I simply cut it close, then use dragon skin to get it more exact.  In this case I made the rest wider than the one I put in my Explorer simply because I wanted it more “cushy”.  The kayak already had a Valley Foam Seat in it, however I did notch out a bit of the back curve molded into the seat to allow the new back support to connect more solidly. I also created a channel under the main support and behind the spacer to allow water to roll freely side to side to make it easier to get water out when dumping it.

I took the beast out yesterday of a short 3 mile test paddle.  Review? The only thing I need now… is a cup holder and a remote. :)


  • Mini Cell Foam
  • Dragon Skin – file down the mini-cell
  • H20 Glue (or other waterproof cement)
  • Serrated kitchen knife – for rough cuts

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1 Response

  1. John Browning

    With your foam forming skills, the cup holder should be no problemo–and it would keep your beer cold!