Beer Buzz?

The problem with ultra low-calorie beer is that it tastes like something akin to beer flavored mineral water.  Add a lemon or lime and it’s not so bad!  The trick with beer (or any alcohol) and boating is to leave the bottle closed until after you’re off the water. When it comes to kayaking, I’ll admit that a couple of times I’ve done it the other way round. That was enough to teach me what a stupid idea that was.  Even a very slight buzz is enough to make you a sloppy, inefficient paddler. Not to mention inattentive and slow. I’m sorry, you need your reaction time on the water every bit as much as you need it on the road. It seems like someone is always giving speeches about how drinking and boating don’t mix.  I’m not going to preach, I’m just going to say there’s no point. It’s no fun anyway. Save the beer the end of the day.  Hopefully you don’t have to settle for low-cal!

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