I’ve always enjoyed collecting stickers.  Most of the time people see it at as one of my eleven-hundred and sixteen off-kilter quirks. Sometimes they think I’m just stupid.  Could be. Others think it’s just a clever way to keep the gelcoat from falling off my boat.  It’s probably all of the above.  I can tell you that I was pretty sad when we traded in my old black Jeep for no other reason than about 25 great stickers went with it.  So long great big, backwards Werner sticker, I hope you are happy wherever you are!! Just recently I received my QajaqJPN stickers from Eiichi Ito who is raising money for people struggling to survive after the recent disaster in Japan.  I’m saving one for whichever new rolling kayak I end up getting. I know one thing, we can’t even begin to give enough to help our fellow human beings so far away. But maybe we can show our stickers proudly and in some small way help stop people from getting distracted and moving on too quickly.

Most of the time the stickers I collect come from places I’ve been or products I’ve purchased.  Sometimes gear reps will toss a bunch at me that have been stacking up in the glove compartment of their cars. I’m not sure if they are being nice to me, or just cleaning out their cars!  Sometimes they just randomly arrive in the mail like the one’s below. (Thanks Jeroen!!)   Then there are the other ones I’m still pining for… I mean, what is life without a decent Bob Marley sticker, a set of Grateful Dead dancing bears and a huge herb leaf!?  Do you know anyone who makes waterproof stickers of variegated basil leaves? 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Susan

    I need an oversized “Baileys” logo sticker for a friend – the little minis breed in her day hatch on trip. Anybody know a source?

  2. deborah

    Shall we be treated to a blog entitled “Top Ten Stickers”?
    or “Ten Stickers to think about twice before putting them on your Boat?”