Contaminated Iodine Prep Pads

On March 18th of this year the FDA posted a recall of Iodine Prep Pads made by Wisconsin company, H&P Industries, due to possible contamination.  Anyone showing adverse effects are encouraged to fill out a form. Assuming of course, that the adverse effects don’t prevent you from filling out the form!  I became aware of the recall a couple of days back when I received new iodine prep pads from GearPods.  I have to say, they are always on top of updates and fixes related to their products.  I give them credit for that. 

Now, in the real world, prep pads have all the usefulness of bringing a knife to a gunfight.  If all you need is a less-than-damp prep pad, chances are you’d most likely get by without anything.  In my kayak first-aid kit I carry a 3 ounce bottle of iodine that I can use full strength or mix down on site. One thing is certain, you can always tell a paddler who’s had some training by their kit. When they pull their first aid kit from their boat, you’ll find they’ve tossed away most everything that came with it when they bought it, and replaced the junk with the stuff they’ll actually need. No one wants to come upon a real accident with a couple wet aspirin and a pair of plastic tweezers… With that in mind, may I humbly suggest to all paddlers and outdoor types that a first aid, or Wilderness first aid course should be part of your learning process.  It’s just a really good idea.

For more information on taking a course visit Wilderness Medical Associates International.

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