WMCKA Picture Day!

I have two photo galleries for you today.. The first gallery is a variety of pictures from the 2011 WMCKA symposium as well as a few from the drive over and back.  As you know, most of my galleries tend to wander all over the place just to catch the atmosphere. Camp Pendaloun certainly has atmosphere!

The second gallery is simply boats on the beach.  I always find it interesting to walk through the boats early in the morning before anyone has hit the water just to see what sort of personal touches people do to make a kayak their own. I’ve always thought that if you don’t personalize your kayak in some way, because you want it to stay looking new or because you’re trying to protect the retail value, you’ll never get out of it what you could have otherwise.  You have to commit to your kayak. (Much like learning paddling skills actually.) If your boat knows you’re not a commitment paddler it will not commit to you either… (Well.. that’s what my boat told me…)  I love seeing how people personalize their kayaks. They have so many stories to tell!



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