Did you know that Canoecopia tickets are already available for 2012?  Ticket prices went up for 2012, but if you get on your horse you can save a bit by purchasing yours online right away.  I’m assuming you already know that Canoecopia is the countries largest paddle sports expo and is held each year in Madison, Wisconsin.  This year’s dates are March 9th – 11th.  I’ll see you there.. somewhere…

Meanwhile 45 miles to the north of Madison, I spend my Thanksgiving day paddling around Devil’s Lake… Surprise, Surprise!!  That marked day 27 leaving me only 7 days to go to hit my 100 mile goal.  Now I’m actually dragging my heels to get my last day in as near to the end of the year as possible.  I think it would be sweet to wrap up on New Year’s eve day… It’s all up to old man winter at this point.   I posted a small gallery of pics from Thanksgiving day over on Flickr. (Click Here) Nice moody day, Canada Geese, Bald Eagle… great day to be on the water!

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