Sailing Over A Cardboard Sea

“It’s only a paper moon/Sailing over a cardboard sea/But it wouldn’t be make-believe/If you believed in me.”

Someone commented recently that if you look at the date on my blog it gives the impression that I haven’t posted in a while.  Um, well.. that would be a correct impression.  Not that I’m not online and jabbering daily, but I’ve simply not posted here on Quix in a while…  Let me tell you about it..  

If you know me, or if you’ve followed my blog for some years, you’ll know that I’ve had more than a few adventures on land as well as on the water.  For me 2012 has been a year of transition.  Oh, sure, I’ve been out kayaking.  Probably a bit more than in the last couple of years.  I could easily say that I was simply burned out on kayaking, but really that would be nothing more than a nice cover story.  I was just burned out.  Some years of stress was simply taking its toll.  Things finally hit a wall during the early winter months of last year and I’ve spent the time since then digging out. The blog was the last thing I was worried about.  Call it post-traumatic-stress related writer’s block if you like.  Well, not that I couldn’t have written mind you, it simply would have been a daisy chain of frustrated tropes awash in hyperbole and irony.  (Hmmmm, Sweet, tasty irony…)  Sometimes it’s best we keep that stuff hidden away along with the dust bunnies in our belly buttons!  While these may be the most important stories of our lives, they are not always the best blogging fodder.

Glossing forward… Life has changed for the better. A transition is in full swing. I have a new (Well, not all that new anymore! LOL!) paddling, hiking and life companion who has a knack for keeping me happy, stable and mostly sane. Not an easy task by any means.   We share a house set at the foot of a mound of glacial out wash covered in maple and oak.  (The deer have me surrounded but I’m showing them no fear!) Work is keeping me busy and I’m not getting out to paddle as often as I like, but on the other hand I am getting out to paddle. Tomorrow I’m heading over to our local state park to do a photography program where I’ll be helping folks figure out how to make their cameras do what want them to do and how to take better nature pics.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the Big Book of Blogs a bit and added some submissions that I’ve received recently.  I’m going to do my best to start posting again here on Quix as well.  I’m not sure where we’re going.. but isn’t that how it’s always been?



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  1. Moulton Avery

    Welcome back, Derrick! Transitions are, well …. interesting if nothing else. Still reeling a bit from my last one, but where I am sure beats where I was – no new companion to show for it as yet, but a lad can always hope. Great new book on gnarly transitions: Surviving Survival by Lawre ce Gonzales, author of the excellent Deep Survival.

  2. Well hey. Nice to hear from you. Good news is always more popular. You have plenty on your blog and site. It’s not necessary to post all the time. But it is necessary to live! And take time out for it. Enjoy! And thanks for all the great things you have shared with us.

    Cheers from sunny and snowy Canada!

  3. Thanks! Moulton, I’m adding that book to my list! Peggy, you’re right that there’s no need to post all of the time.. but I have to say, that before things went wacky, I found it rather cathartic.. I’m hoping I can get the groove back. :)

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