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hyperflex 3mm glove

 OK, so these 3mm (or 5 mm) neoprene gloves are stupid cheap.  So cheap in fact, we bought a couple of pairs.  At Rutabaga in Madison they are currently going for $16.95 a pair.  That’s crazy cheap!  What a great find when I’ve been desperate to find a new thin-ish pair of gloves to wear under my pogies in the winter… 

3 mm neoprene gloves are usually suggested for water in the 60 F range.  They don’t really keep your hands warm in harsh winter conditions. They don’t do much to block the wind, and your hands will get wet.  They are more of a cool, rainy summer day glove. There are other gloves on the market designed for winter weather conditions.  However, where I’ve always run into problems, is when I’m looking for a smaller glove to wear under my pogies.   They need to be thin enough to easily slide in and out of the pogie, and at the same time, any extra insulation they can provide would be great.  3mm neo is about as thick as I can go and still slide my hands in and out of my pogies without too much hassle.

The Hyperflex Access Westsuit gloves are pretty basic gloves with sealed seams to keep the cold water out. (Keeping in mind that neoprene works by letting a certain amount of water in to warm up against your skin.) There are no size charts for gloves and all gloves are unisex, based on men’s hand sizes.  They run from an extra-large to an extra small.  It’s worth noting however, that if you have small wrists, even the extra small may be a bit loose around the wrist.

On New Year’s Day we’re going to get out on Lake Columbia, which is a local lake heated by a coal power plant.  It looks like the temperatures will be in the single digits. What tends to happen on Lake Columbia is that a thick fog forms over the 50-80 degree water, and an ice layer quickly builds up on everything when you’re out paddling.  I’ve worn simple 1mm neo-gloves before in these conditions and my fingers froze as soon as they became wet.  On their own, I don’t think these gloves would be any different on their own, but with the pogies I should be toasty warm.. I’ll let you know.

One thing is sure though, every paddler can use a cheap pair of neoprene gloves and the Hyperflex gloves certainly fill the bill…

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  1. If you like the Hyperflex line you might want to check out the Neosport gear which is the Paddle specific line from the same company. I am the Neosport and Hyperflex Rep here in the Pacific NW and we love both the surf and paddle wetsuits lines out here!

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