Stay Up Till When?

Snowshoeing in Wisconsin Dells

Certain fads, stripes and plaids, singles ads
They run you hot and cold like a rheostat, I mean a thermostat
So you bite on a towel / Hope it won’t hurt too bad
– andrew bird

So here’s the thing about New Years… Staying up until midnight eventually turns into a big drag.  Not always, of course.  Sometimes there’s a party to go to, or maybe you’ll enjoy a quiet celebration at home with your family.. but drinking yourself stupid or watching the plasticine, humanesque caricatures display their mental deficiencies on television just gets old.  Oh, and it’s totally not cool to spend the first day of a new year inside, being sick.  

Yesterday was the last day of 2012 and we spent it out playing in the snow at Rocky Arbor State Park near Wisconsin Dells.  We had the park to ourselves which is not all that unusual, but we did see the tracks of squirrels, coyote and deer along the way.  Maybe they were all indoors themselves unpacking the bubbly and celebrating another year of surviving cars, hunters and urban sprawl.  Most deer have way more to celebrate at New Years than we do.. Most of us don’t have to face an annual hunt… most of us…

. . .

So today instead of being hung over, I’m heading out paddling with a break in the middle to warm up before heading back out for a twilight “First Day” snowshoe at Devil’s Lake State Park.  I suspect I’ll be a bit worn out by the time the evening is over… but that sure beats the heck out of insomnia..  There’s very little in life that simply getting outdoors can’t either solve or give you a new perspective on.  But of course, you know that don’t you!? :)

Have a great day!




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