First Day 2013

Fog Bowl 2013

 Well, it’s Wednesday.  The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work.  Great!  I need a rest!  We closed out the holidays by spending the last day of the year snowshoeing  then we got up on New Year’s day to paddle at the annual Fog Bowl.  We got about an hour to rest.  (I spent that hour running to my grandmother’s to fill her birdfeeder!) Then it was off to Devil’s Lake State Park for the evening’s First Day Twilight Snowshoe.  Let me just say it now… I’m glad the holidays are over!

I think maybe 10 paddlers made it to the Fog Bowl this year.  A far cry from when I started paddling about 2004 or so when 30-40 hearty souls would turn up.  I think we need to do something about that. My feeling is that the changing times are the major culprit. Of course we need to promote the event more as well.  It seems the many polar swims around the state were pretty busy.  Hey, if you can get people to swim in frigid Wisconsin lakes this time of year, it should be easy to get them to sit in a canoe or kayak dry atop a heated lake.

Here are a few more pictures from the 2013 Fog Bowl.

After we got off the water at Lake Columbia we headed back home for a short break before heading out to Devil’s Lake State Park for the First Day snowshoeing event.  This is probably a good time to share…  Sue (whom I’ve mentioned in earlier posts) and I have known each other for some time. In the midst of going through my life changes over the last year or so, we seemed to keep crossing paths. It wasn’t long before we realized that we both enjoy taking our live’s journeys together. (Obviously that’s the short version!) Now the reason this fits into today’s story is because in her real life she is the naturalist/educator at Devils Lake and the organizer behind the evening’s snowshoeing event. This means of course, that I got drafted to help haul snowshoes for the evening’s big event. The park keeps a big supply of snowshoes available for anyone who want’s to borrow them when visiting Devil’s Lake.

After running over to my grandmother’s to help her get her bird feeder full, then loading up all the snowshoes, we headed over to a glacial outwash plain now known as Roznos meadow at the south-east corner of the park.  By 4 pm, nearly 20 people showed up for our short 2 mile hike.  We didn’t see any animals along the way. You wouldn’t expect much when you have twenty people marching through the snow, talking and laughing along the way.  We did however, see plenty of tracks.

Among the evening’s group we had a father and young daughter as well as one other family with 2 young kids.  I’m always happen to see the kids brought along to outdoor events, kayaking or snowshoeing or whatever it may be.  Often these days when it comes to outdoor events, kid sized feet are few and far between.

Here are some photos from the evening’s Snowshoeing event.

I hope you’re new year’s day went well.  Here’s to 2013.. Let’s get out there and do stuff!

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