Back To Center

Whenever I want you around, yeah.
All I gotta do,
Is call you on the phone,
And you’ll come running home,
Yeah, that’s all I gotta do.
– beatles

This morning I warmed up the old Victrola… (Um, opened my Itunes.) and felt the urge to listen to Meet The Beatles.  Yeah, I go vintage sometimes!  Actually as a kid of the late 60s and early 70’s the Beatles were just turning “vintage” by the time I first picked up a guitar.  Anyway, the thought that entered my mind as the song, “All I’ve Got To Do” started playing was that sometimes we just need to go back to base, to re-center ourselves.  I’ve learned to do that many times in my kayak when the conditions around me started making me feel a bit twitchy. You know, that moment when you realize you’re going a bit white knuckled, your not smiling and a pressure is starting to build right above your eyes.  It’s about then you’re going to do something stupid.  Thing is, in time you learn to catch that feeling before it takes over and refocus yourself.  You remember that you do actually know what you’re doing, you’ve seen worse and you simply need to relax and do what you do best..  Life is like that.  Happy Thursday.  Enjoy the music.

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