Black Leather Pimps


Boogie nights / Aint no doubt we are here to party
Boogie nights / Come on now got to get it started
Dance with the boogie, get down
‘Cos boogie nights are always the best in town – heat wave

It’s one of those things you’d never notice.  I mean, you don’t notice at first.  It sort of sneaks up on you. You see, I’m 5’7″ verging on 5’8″ and she’s 5’8″ verging on 6 feet.   As I said, you wouldn’t notice,  not barreling down the hiking trails in your tennis shoes, talking across a table or paddling a kayak.  It’s something you really only notice when you’re up close, really close.. Then you suddenly feel the urge to ask, “Hey, what are you standing on?”  Still, what’s an inch between friends?  

Now the real issue is when you plan on washing up and going out on the town.. She of course is all excited about the possibility of grabbing the seldom worn heels out of the closet.  Heels did you say?  “Um, but dear, the height thing?”  Yeah, suddenly she’s buying some new dressy flats.  I appreciate that.  I don’t know why it matters really, but something way back in our brains says that neither one of us really wants to feel like they tower over the other.   When you’re the taller one, 4 inch heels just give your partner a complex!

But to be honest, I feel bad.  I mean, she shouldn’t have to give up her heels either.  Especially when she’s lucky to haul them out once a year.  I mean, we make a lot of sacrifices for our relationships.. but high heels shouldn’t be one of them.   I was thinking I need to find a solution.. but black leather pimp shoes just are not the answer..

Oh, and since we’re in the mood.. Here’s Heat Wave…

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