Kayaking Devil's Lake Wisconsin - April 2013

 Yesterday we finally able to get out onto our local lake (Devil’s Lake State Park).  Here it is mid way through April and the ice is just now breaking up and melting off of the lake.  Well, I guess I’ve been spoiled, it’s not really unusual to wait until mid-April to see open water here in central Wisconsin, but it has been a few years since winter has hung on so long.   

We launched out into heavy fog and thick silence only broken occasionally by the sound of loons flirting and displaying in the distance.  The water and the air were dead calm.  The ice that remained on the far shore was mostly a loose collection of glassy tubes forced into tight associations by the current and wind.  Only a small section was still to thick to push through, but I can’t imagine it will remain for more than another day or two.

As we turned back toward the north shore, the clouds let loose with a heavy rain that made me glad for the hood on my Kokatat Gor-Tex Anorak!  Of course, I don’t really mind the rain and honestly I was just happy to be back out on Devil’s Lake.

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