Not Fer Fancy Paddlin’


Last Sunday, Sue and I joined the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin River for a day of paddling at Cox Hollow Lake within the borders of Governor Dodge State Park.  Gov. Dodge is located in Dodgeville (Go Fig!), just west of Madison.  We had a great day, exploring the lake, chatting with other paddlers, and of course, doing a bit of rolling.

I was asked to do a short rolling demo for the event. A good time.  Again, I’ve been spending a lot of time with true recreational paddlers; Folks who occasionally get out on the water, may or may not have their own kayaks and most likely never heard of a “Greenland Stick”. A rolling demo in this context is so different than what you would imagine among the “pro” crowd.  There’s a different set of goals.  First of all, we just have fun. Second I think the focus is simply to help folks overcome the fear of capsize and entrapment.  We can demonstrate that while rolling may be challenging to learn, it’s easy to do once you’ve got it figured out.  We can teach a bit about the history of kayaking, and a bit about safety. And maybe do just a bit to inspire a few folks to take a class and grow in the sport.   Thanks to the folks at FLOW for the invite, we had a great time.

*Photo by Kahnee Groen

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