Sun Pouting


So here’s a picture of the love of my life pouting because I made her go to the Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium and sleep in a tent in the rain!  Well, not really. She actually got this wonderful pout courtesy of the northern sun.  Paddlers learn quickly that sun burn comes fast out on the water, and in places you wouldn’t normally expect.  In addition to the standard crispy ears, burned arms, face and forehead, paddlers will also burn under their chins, under their noses and can even sunburn their lips. This is why we always remind our students to slather on the sunscreen.  The problem of course, is that we often end up sweating heavily, getting splashed and going for swims, all working to wash off the sunscreen.  We do our best to keep up and reapply, but with mixed results.  Oh, and you should certainly put sunscreen or lip balm on your lips as well. There may be an upside to having lips like Angelina Jolie, but this is definitely not the way to attain them.   (Oh, and thanks to Sue for letting me share this pic against her better judgement! I told her it was for a good cause….)

What do you use to protect your skin / lips from Sunburn on the water?

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