The Bear Trap


Bloody Hell!!  I’m not even going to tell you where this trail is for your own safety! Well, you can look it up if you like.  It’s the Michigan Audubon Society’s Lake Bailey Sanctuary on the Keeweenaw peninsula where you can explore 405 acres of Blair Witchin’ good fun!  No kidding!  Have a look at the picture above.. this IS the trail.  The trick is to follow the yellow triangles… yeah…whatever,  Yer bear food…  


Of course any trail with “Audubon Society” in the name is going to call out to Sue… A devout “Bird Nerd”, she was raring to explore the trail. It was all fun and greenery for a while. She was in the lead and bounding happily along until things began to get deeper and darker. Finally we just stopped.  Well, you can see by the look above that Sue was a bit, well, shocked by what we were walking into!

It wasn’t log before we had no idea where the trail went.  I decided to go a bit further while Sue held her ground where we knew we could still get out. With just a few steps, she was out of sight and we used our voices to stay in touch.  I continued for about 20 yards deep into the Dagobahian wilderness. At first I found 2 more trail markers but from there, nothing.  What’s worse, when I turned back, there were no return markers at all!  It was a trap!  I suddenly imagined a bunch of bear’s coming up with a plan to lead hikers deep into the woods with one way trail markers, then eating them for lunch! Following Sue’s voice, I eventually found my way back to her and we made the decision to return to the car and hunt for elsewhere for an actual trail.

Now to be honest, had we been more geared up to go exploring.. food, water, head lamps and most importantly a compass we may have kept going. After all, you always want to know what you’ll find just around the next headland, over the next hill or through that next thicket.. but this time knowing when to turn back was the wisest choice.

Later, we were told that this sanctuary was where all the bears were near Lake Bailey…  Yeah, it figures…

Funny thing too, we didn’t see a bird the whole time we were in there…

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