Cameras, Birds & Grapefruit

cranes-geesethe moment’s come and go like water
i try to hold them but they’re fading
– p. gabriel

If you ever want someone to stop taking pictures of wildlife, you’ll have to invent critter proof lenses. (or wait for your fellow humans to wipe out wildlife..)  Let’s face it, if you’ve got a camera in your hands and you’re anywhere where there’s animal activity, you have to get out the camera. You have no option. You’re hooked for the day!!  Sounds bad I know, but really, there are worse drugs out there! 

With the proliferation of cheap cameras, phone cameras and eye-glass cameras everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is taking pictures.  This has lead to a backlash of shorts. To some it’s all about privacy. I get that. But to others, it just irritates them that you are not looking at nature in its raw form sans camera. They feel that if you’re not seeing it with your own eyeballs, then you’re not really comprehending or appreciating it. Nature as they see it, cannot be appreciated within a rectangle. It must be pure and unadulterated.

I think these people are the “people who eat grapefruit without sugar” people.

I can remember the first time I “live” posted out to Facebook a picture of a beautiful vista from the top of my local bluffs. I’d been hiking for about an hour or so, watching the sun slipping out from its cover behind the far bluffs and just beginning to light up the valley below. I’d been standing on the edge of a cliff for a minute or two just watching the light expand through the valley when I remembered that I had my fancy new iPhone with me. I could ‘share’ a picture. “Well, how cool is that?”, I thought. Especially given that through my business I manage a Facebook page dedicated to nature and outdoor recreation in our little part of the world. I framed the shot, snapped it, then uploaded the photo. Then I zipped my phone back into my coat pocket and continued on my hike.  It was a great morning to be outside! When I got back home and revved up the old PC to get back to work, I checked my Facebook page and the very first comment (Among many appreciative ones.) was a person who said something like, “Why don’t you put that camera down and actually appreciate the god-given beauty in front of your eyes!!” I remember my first reaction, “Why don’t you shut down your computer, get off your ass and get outside in the first place?!?!?!?”

The point that the haters miss, is that for the few seconds that you take a shot, there are minutes and hours where you are simply, “..appreciating the god-given beauty in front of your eyes”.  What’s more, a camera can be the impetus you need to get outside in the first place.  Because of what I do, photographs are central to my overall business marketing and I even sell a few now and again. Having a little pressure to produce photos regularly nudges me outdoors, even on the days when I don’t necessarily want to go out.   Of course once I get out there, I’m taking pictures like crazy, I’m enjoying the natural world and I’m pleased to be outside instead of sitting at a desk.

Funny, this wasn’t the photography blog I intended to write… Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…

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