I was teasing Sue that we have too many anniversaries. There’s the first time we paddled together, that time on the south shore…(Dark Beer & Margaritas..), that time we sat freezing on a boat dock in the middle of the night, and that other time, then the day when… and on and on. We all have many important dates in our lives. Thing is, over time we tend to pare them down to the “most” important or the typically celebrated or whatever.

One thing I’ve come to realize over the last few years is that really, every important date and special moment should be remembered and immortalized if possible. Celebrated, remembered and ticked off on a calendar. If we are really lucky, we will keep piling up great anniversaries until there are no empty days left. When every day becomes touchstone. Each date holding a fond memory shared with friends & family or even on our own. Wouldn’t be great if every day we could pause to remember and celebrate one good thing that happened in our lives on that very day?

That first time Sue and I went paddling on Memorial weekend we didn’t know we were ticking in that first box of our mutual calendar. .. but, well.. .

There it is then.

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