Brunton Nexus 70p Compass

A Compass is Never Bling

People try to put us d-down 
Just because we get around
– Who

O.K. So this sort of cracked me up. I purchased a new Brunton Nexus 70p Compass for my baby the other day. The dude behind the counter looked for a moment and said something like, “Hmm, that’s just “bling” for that boat.” Bling? Bling!?!?! Is that a joke son? A compass is never bling!

No, I get it. A Valley Anas Acuta is seen by most these days as a rolling kayak. Who’d actually go anywhere in an Anas… (Roy?? You can speak up now!) And besides that, we’ve got all those great navigation apps these days right?  Grumble, grumble, grumble….

Well, here’s a couple of thoughts. First, it’s hard enough sometimes getting a good GPS signal out on open water. Second, it’s really hard to get a cellphone signal out there.. even on the great lakes. Yeah, it might work when you launch near a large city, but it won’t last. A good signal is nearly as fickle as the weather. Never, and I mean NEVER trust technology. Have it, use it.. and when it works, enjoy the convenience. I love tech. I love cool apps! But don’t trust them. Always double check your tech, and be ready for fails. Have a backup plan. A compass is a great backup plan when tech fails. Especially, if you know how to use it!

Second, from the perspective of a true Greenland or traditional kayak, an Anas Acuta is a barge. It’s a big lumbering cargo carrier. It’s a cruise ship. Just because your expedition sea kayak would put the MSC Oscar in shade, doesn’t mean the Anas Acuta to too small for “real kayaking”.  Let’s not get into that whole “size” thing boys…

Lastly there’s that time I went out to ride along on a coaching certification some years back. We left the shores of Milwaukee and paddled into a light fog that soon became soup. We didn’t need charts or GPS to figure out how to get back. We just needed to know which way was west. From there it was just following the break wall. I’ve found myself thankful for a compass many times in the past on big water and even on inland lakes and mudding it through thick marshes. You see, it’s not just about expeditions, it’s everyday. A compass is never bling. It’s more like that old American Express ad; “Don’t leave home without it.”

Oh, and dear friendly folks of Brunton… look what happened to the last Nexus 70p I bought… Orange? What’s up with that?

Brunton Nexus 70p Compass

Brunton Nexus 70p Compass goes orange…


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