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I’ve come to terms with the sale of my old warhorse.. But man, was that weird. You see, just a couple days after I sold it, I saw it again… Is that weird or what?

So we drove down to Rutabaga in Madison to get a some deck line and swap out a drybag. While walking in, I noticed down the road, out of the corner of my eye, a kayak on a car top that looked strangely familiar.  I looked at it from a distance for a few moments and realized it was my old kayak. I was stunned that I’d see it so soon.. But then again, if you kayak, you’ll be at Rutabaga sooner or later.

Well, in the shop I didn’t see the guy who bought it.  But I soon learned that his son worked in retail.  A guy I had met just a week earlier when I bought my Anas Acuta.  So it’s that ‘six degrees of separation’ thing in action. Still freaky.

Well, the good part is knowing that the old thing is appreciated for what it is and that it’s helping another paddler learn his chops. The thought that I may see the old dog now and again when I’m down there to coach is just icing on the cake. :)

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