Sue Johansen Kayaking

The New Coach

Sue completed & passed her 3 day, ACA L2 training last weekend. Congratulations are in order of course. After leading tours at Devil’s Lake State Park for a couple of years, the powers that be decided it was a good idea for her to get “official” training. We’ve been playing around in kayaks for a few years now and it was certainly time for her to dip her toes into the land of acronyms, lectures and certificates. Coming from her background in education it was interesting to hear her spin on the coach training world. Being away from it for a couple of years myself, I was interested to know if it had changed much since the last time I was in her shoes. It certainly opened up a lot of discussion around the coffee table with words like “cognitive”, “affective” & “kinesthetic” bandied about with reckless abandon. Oh, and something about prerequisites…

More on that another day!  Congratulations…. coach.

Sue Johansen Kayaking


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