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The Vampyre

I take pictures. With cameras and lenses. Taking pictures is fun. It’s an excuse to get outside. I am not, nor do I want to be, a professional. I am not an artist. I simply take pictures.

I don’t really believe that you fake it till you make it. I don’t think co-opting buzzwords of the “professional” make us such.  I don’t take “captures” or debate the best “glass”. I take pictures with cameras and lenses. Taking pictures is fun.

Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

Humans learn through emulation. “Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief.” as the U2 Lyric goes. We copy, we build on what we learn, we add to what we’ve seen. It’s never a good idea to hold ourselves in too high esteem.

I love taking pictures. Usually they help to tell a story I want to tell or describe a place or experience I want to share. I don’t really try to create “art”. I don’t try, nor do I want to work too hard to set up a shot. To be fair, I’ve played with cameras for years and it’s gotten much easier to be “sloppy” and still get something I’m not embarrassed to share in the end. But like everything in life, I’m always careful not to let the thing in my hand take away from the world around me. Like controlling a kayak, we don’t want to be too overly distracted by our paddle.. It’s the body that controls the boat.

I don’t compete. With cameras or kayaks. I’m an easy target. I don’t care if you beat me or better me. In fact, I want you to win. Good for you!! If that’s what you need to validate yourself. If winning or bettering me will allow you to breathe more easily, I’m pulling for you.

I was thinking about this the other day. I was thinking how easily the vampyres of status, recognition and competition can suck the life out of us, suck the life out of the activities we once enjoyed. Once bitten, It’s way to easy to be transformed into a monster. Listen, it’s great to get recognised kid, but don’t get caught trying too hard…

I’m a kayaker. I like to paddle. Tooling around in a kayak is fun.



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  1. Well put, I do the exact same thing. Not trying to race. Not trying to win any prizes for the photos I take while I’m out enjoying nature. They are a reminder of the places I’ve been and the feelings associated when I took the picture. As you said I use them to tell stories. Love your blogs and life lessons.

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