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X-Boat – P&H Cetus MV

It's certainly true that the original Cetus (see "original coke", & "original or extra crispy") is just fine for most average sized paddlers but for some the MV will be a bit more tuned in. You can't complain about having options. As coaches we're always on about boat fit, and a mid-size version will provide a better fitting Cetus for many paddlers. For some this will mean better, easier and more precise boat control than they would have had without the MV version. Personally I see lots of advantages to smaller boats as it is, especially for those of us who are not circumnavigating Africa regularly.

The Corlite Maneuver – P&H Scorpio

Today we'll continue my on-going P&H Kayak Roundup with the Scorpio. Based on elements within the Zodiac, Scorpio is considered compatible with Pisces and Cancer. Being born on June 29th, we should get along just fine. Should you buy a kayak based on cosmological compatibility? Only your local astrologer knows the truth. What you need to know right off is that we simply bought the Scorpio after a 2 minute test paddle. Don't try this at home kids!!

P&H Cetus

The P&H Cetus is stable. It's dead stupid stable. It's "Weekend at Bernie's" stable, It's "National Lampoon's Vacation, stick your dead aunt on top and go on road trip" stable. It's dare I say, "Current Designs Kestral 120 HV" stable. It's so stable in fact that any self-respecting, self-aggrandizing, self-labeled, blow hard paddling yahoo will come very close to simply writing it off the second they sit on the back deck.