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P&H Scorpio For Sale

For Sale: P&H Scorpio | $1,300 Just over one year old.  Happy froggy green.  Perfect kayak for someone looking for a fast, yet very stable and durable kayak. Mid-sized to taller paddlers will most enjoy the fit.  You can read the original write up I did of this boat here.  We’ve enjoyed this boat but actually it’s been paddled very little. Not enough to justify keeping it anyway.  We’re located in central Wisconsin. You can contact me at

X-Boat – P&H Cetus MV


The P&H Cetus comes in standard &  low volume versions.  Soon it will be available in a mid-size as well. The Cetus MV project is aimed at folks in the 160-220 lb range.  Yeah, that is sort of the average guy size range.  It’s certainly true that the original Cetus (see “original coke”, & “original or extra crispy”)  is just fine for most average sized paddlers but for some the MV will be a bit more tuned in.  You can’t complain about having options.  As coaches we’re always on about boat fit, and a mid-size version will provide a better fitting Cetus for many paddlers.  For some this will mean better, easier and more precise boat control than they would have had without the MV version.  Personally I see lots of advantages to smaller boats as it is, especially for those of us who are not circumnavigating Africa regularly.  Continue reading

The Corlite Maneuver – P&H Scorpio


The Scorpio Featured in this post is currently for sale:  1 year old. $1,300. Located in Central Wisconsin. (8/17/2010)
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Today we’ll continue my on-going P&H Kayak Roundup with the Scorpio.  Based on elements within the Zodiac, Scorpio is considered compatible with Pisces and Cancer.  Being born on June 29th, we should get along just fine.  Should you buy a kayak based on cosmological compatibility?  Only your local astrologer knows the truth. What you need to know right off is that we simply bought the Scorpio after a 2 minute test paddle. Don’t try this at home kids!!

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P&H Cetus

Insert the P&H Team Male Chorus Singing a Sir Mix-A-Lot Medley here.

First let’s get this out of the way… I know a few of the guys on the P&H team so I’m certainly open to bias. On the other hand keep in mind that we are often most judgmental with our own families. I’ve spent close to 3 years telling P&H Rep., Kelly Blades I didn’t like P&H boats,  (By the way, remember this??)  basically due to an old style Capella we once had (for less than a month) that was like riding a fishing bobber. Yeah, they told me that the new Capella  is nothing like those ones from back in the day. But honestly I never had a reason to re-examine my thoughts on the matter. So when my wonderful Alaw Bach gave up the ghost, I came to the conclusion that I should let go of past bias and give the new P&H kayaks a fair go. I started out with the Bahiya and now had my chance to try the Cetus.

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P&H Bahiya


And you balance your world on the tip of your nose
like a SeaLion with a ball, at the carnival.
– tull

So yesterday I talked a bit about how I found myself test paddling a new kayak. Again I have 2 great kayaks but they are both no longer sea worthy. I could just get a new version of one of these or I can use the opportunity to see if there is something out there I’m missing.  At the moment I’m familiarizing myself with the P&H Kayak line which I’ve not really looked at before.  Yesterday I test paddled the P&H Bahiya.  This is not a review of the Bahiya however. A review is meant to tell you what YOU should buy.  A completely different thing than choosing what I should buy… which you may guess is an attempt at humor for the  non-inferentially-challenged.

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Cetus by P&H

So, if you’ve not been prowling YouTube regulary you may not have noticed that Sea Kayaker Magazine has been posting these little info spots.  Here’s one for the P&H Cetus.  I chose this one since the new plastic version under the name of “Scorpio” becomes available this month.  Oh, and here’s a link to Sea Kayaker’s Youtube Channel. Now I wonder if the  new Scorpio is named after the evil Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons? What’s worse, does that make them Denver Broncos fans?

Let’s all sing, shall we

He’ll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth!
Beware of Scorpio!
His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world
And his employees’ health!
He’ll welcome you into his lair
Like the nobleman welcomes his guest!
With free dental care and a stock plan that helps you invest!
But beware of his generous pensions
Plus three weeks paid vacation each year!
And on Fridays the lunchroom serves hot dogs and burgers and beers!
He loves German beer!

Little P&H Booth in my Mind

Yeah well, here’s the thing. .  I don’t have a bloody thing to write about today.  Well, I do, and I could, but on the other hand I don’t quite have the focus.  Sort of like walking through a vendor booth looking at a whole stable of kayaks you’ve never paddled.  It’s just all so confusing somehow frightening. . . and next thing you know you wake up with your head in a bucket.  Oh, and for no reason here’s a link to P & H Sea Kayaks.