About KayakQuixotica.com

quixotic \kwik-SOT-ik\, adjective:

1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds . . .
2. Capricious; impulsive; unpredictable. e·rot·i·ca \ĭ-rŏt’ĭ-kə\, pl.n.

(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Literature or art intended to arouse desire. (in this case, to get on the water. . .)

KayakQuixotica.com (formerly KayakWisconsin.net) went online in 2003 when paddling websites and blogs were still a bit of a rarity. Now, in 2015 social media has taken over and blogs are just one small element of a larger universe. I’m out there now too of course.. with mixed emotions. Still, with all that chatter, it’s sometimes nice to get back to a slightly longer read, where going ‘viral’ or getting “likes” isn’t the motivation for every word you say and every picture you post.  I’ve maintained KayakQuixotica.com for just that reason.  It’s my diary, my note book and my madness.  If you happen to be here, you’re welcome to look around.. If you like…

What’s with that name? I chose KayakWisconsin.net because it was, what the site was about “kayaking in Wisconsin”. These days my muse has taken over and the site wanders much further than the reaches of the Great Lakes. Kayak Quixotica was originally a title to a blog post, but it always stuck in my head. I hope it implies whimsical fantasies with just a touch of the sensuality I’ve always felt was part of kayaking and immersion in nature.

What’s the point? Sorry? I’m not sure there is one, or has to be. Amuse the muse, share your gift, join the hack. . . whatever will be will be. . . Email: derrick@skilletcreekmedia.com