Nature & Wildlife

Cameras, Birds & Grapefruit

If you ever want someone to stop taking pictures of wildlife, you'll have to invent critter proof lenses. (or wait for your fellow humans to wipe out wildlife..) Let's face it, if you've got a camera in your hands and you're anywhere where there's animal activity, you have to get out the camera. You have no option. You're hooked for the day!! Sounds bad I know, but really, there are worse drugs out there!

What Kind of Kayaker Are You?

I think you get a strange, skewed view of kayakers and kayaking if you've done it for years. Of course, social media doesn't help either. If you believe Facebook, every kayaker in the world is either making a video, writing a book, jet-setting across Europe or working for a kayak company. Oh, and of course there are those who simply enjoy paddleboarding in a bikini sans life jacket...

Estivant Pines

The 508 acre Estivant Pines Wilderness Sanctuary is one of the last islands of virgin white pine forest in the midwest. For most of us, we have no clue what that looks like any longer. The forests we see today are mostly second-growth since the big logging booms of the past. In fact, if it were not for the Michigan Nature Association and caring locals, even this small island of towering pines would not exist at all.
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