Nature & Wildlife

First Day 2013

Well, it's Wednesday. The holidays are over and it's time to get back to work. Great! I need a rest! We closed out the holidays by spending the last day of the year snowshoeing then we got up on New Year's day to paddle at the annual Fog Bowl. We got about an hour to rest. Then it was off to Devil's Lake State Park for the evening's First Day Twilight Snowshoe.

Price of Admission…

Outdoor types come with a steep price tag. Keep that in mind if you set you eyes upon a nature addict, and most especially kayakers! We're going to be out there in the wilds as much as physically possible. We're not going to be stopped by mud, rain, snow or a wide expanse of water hovering just above freezing. After all, we know how to dress!

Zip It!

I love that scene in Close Encounters when Richard Dryfus has just completed his massive model of Devil's Tower in the living room. He leans against the wall, staring in exhaustion at what he had done. I the background you hear an old woman's voice from a 70s soap opera coming from the tv, "What is wrong with me today?". I find myself suddenly listening to kick-ass-teen-agst-music and feeling an urge to sky dive....