Nature & Wildlife


My kayak pushed forward into the dark, ruffled water. It took a while for the gurgling sound of the bow wake at the tip of my old Romany to reach my ears. Even though the world around me seemed nearly silent, it took some time before I became aware of the sounds of the geese landing in the distance or pushing across the lake's surface to reach take off speed. It took even longer to notice that the wind through the young poplars along the shore sounded more like the crinkling of plastic...

Scary Bunnies

People have said I can find the dark side of anything.. Well, judging from these strange Easter bunny costumes from a 1996 episode of "The Vicar of Dibley", I'm not the only one. These are some scary bunnies! And speaking of finding the dark side, you'd never guess what I came across while out hiking on the Ice Age Trails yesterday.. an Easter basket!! Now what could be dark about an Easter basket?

Angels Wept

Must be spring. I can tell. You see, I can read the signs. I know when spring has a arrived and summer is coming because I get to start pulling rubbish from the lakes again. OK, so let me do my best Red Green here: "We're all in this together!" If there is one thing old white guys love to do it's complain, right? It's how we validate our quickly passing existence. So let me do a bit of "validatin' of my own: What the hell is wrong with these people!!?!?!?!