Repairs & Modifications

Dairyland Boatwerks – Dealing with Oxidation

I've paddled long enough that I've faced this little job before. Depending on the level of oxidization you may be able to hand polish it out, sometimes you need to sand. This was the case with my warhorse. After I cut all the deck lines and bungies off I went about wet-sanding the deck, first with a medium fine paper, then very fine. In the picture above you can see a pretty distinct line between where I had worked the deck (left side) and where it was still oxidized (right).


When we arrived home from Milwaukee, I took the kayak off of the Jeep and set it out on the brown, leaf covered front lawn. I wanted to be sure my old skirt fit it before we went to the the pool. Since I had it set out anyway, put the paddles on the deck and took a few pictures. Mary came out of the house and noticed the paddles on the deck and said, "They look like they belong there." Yep. That's because they do. That's what makes having a Skin-on-Frame kayak kinda cool.

Up the Hatch!

You see, I’ve had one of these hatch covers before, on my Rockpool. Well, I should say, “I once did”. It blew off the boat just a week ago. I noticed almost a year ago it was starting to lose its “snap”. The cover just sort of sat on the day hatch. It didn’t come off, and only a bit of water was getting in. Still, it spun around and did not give the impression of being all that secure. It bothered me enough that one day I grabbed an old rubber hatch cover off my NDK just to see if it would fit. It didn’t. Oh well, the kayak was only 2 years old and I assumed the “experts” knew more than I did and it would stay on. Suffice to say I need a new hatch cover!

Rough Edge

Ok, so here's something different. I noticed this P&H Kayak while checking out boats at the Door County Sea Kayaking Symposium. The keel strip is all bumpy. Just like that paint job you so often see over drywall. I get this. It makes gripping and carrying a wet slippery kayak much easier AND protects the boat just like a strip is supposed to do. I'm sure too that it's going to give some Uber kayaker hydrodynamic fits...

The Corlite Maneuver – P&H Scorpio

Today we'll continue my on-going P&H Kayak Roundup with the Scorpio. Based on elements within the Zodiac, Scorpio is considered compatible with Pisces and Cancer. Being born on June 29th, we should get along just fine. Should you buy a kayak based on cosmological compatibility? Only your local astrologer knows the truth. What you need to know right off is that we simply bought the Scorpio after a 2 minute test paddle. Don't try this at home kids!!

D Am Em G

Alright. It's 5am and we're about 7 hours away from launch. The plan is to be pulling out of the driveway at noon today for the 3 hour trip up to Point Beach State Park near Two Rivers, Wisconsin. All that big stuff that you always remember to pack, is packed. Today we have to remember all the things you always forget. You know.. the stuff you find out later you really, really needed and should have never forgotten in the first place.