The Emperor is Lost

I think J.C. Chandler, and Robert Redford for that matter, know a lot about sailing. So much so, that they blatantly showed anyone who knew what was going on, that their man, was, well, inept and ill prepared. Yeah, "Our Man" slogged through and faced the challenge, but really, it was only fate that kept him alive. He was simply a weekend warrior who for whatever reason got himself into a situation he had no business being in. And that IS a great story!

Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf

The Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf is a great new life vest introduced in 2012. The only downside is that strangers may come up and start touching you like this.... (see pic above!) Well, hopefully not, but you know how those old sea wolves are! Well, regardless of the questionable feel-up from Astral's promo video we decided to buy a new sea wolf . Here's why...
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