Everybody Pogie!

It's pogie season again. It's not necessarily that the water is too cold. It's not that the air is freezing yet either. It's the combination of wet hands and wind that'll get ya. Now, let me go all "Back-in-the-day" on you for a minute. I've been paddling for a while now. Nearly 10 years. Being based here in Wisconsin, I feel like I've tried nearly every freaking glove the paddling industry has to offer. None, let me repeat that, none, have keep my hands warm on a cold, winter day paddle. Go look at the cost of heavy-duty winter paddling gloves and you'll see that this is a very expensive failure.

I Can’t Review The Delphin

It's a surfer. In any other conditions it simply will not be at it's finest. Funny thing though, all the hype around the Delphin has a lot of folks who'll never actually go surfing salivating, regardless of how it may or may not paddle on flat water. If nothing else, it does show that P&H Sea Kayaks is simply destroying their competitors when it comes to marketing their products.