Anas Acuta

Songs of Experience

Yesterday I wrote about 10 sea kayaks that everyone should at least test paddle before they invest in a brand new sea kayak. One reader commented that I should have included at least one of the great traditional or Greenland kayak in the group. I got his point. Today I'll talk about that a bit and explain why no Greenland style kayaks made the list and tell you which ones would have if they, well, would have..

Lightning, It’s so “Very”!

We're back from the symposium at Door County here in Wisconsin. We've only got a couple days of "down time" before we head back up to Grand Marais, MI for the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. For the moment let me just share a few pictures of the best kayak art work I saw at Door. This Valley Anas Acuta was at it's base black or very, very, very dark blue with lots of purple and red glitter. Lightning stripes were inlaid into the gelcoat. I could be a fussy pain in the bum and critique the detailing but all in all this is a darn pretty boat!

Are you sitting comfortably?

The other big innovation he wanted me to see was the new skeg system. Their plan was to take a fresh look at a way of doing things that had not changed much over the years and see what happens if they actually just re-engineered the whole lot. The goal was to get most of the kinking points out of the system, make it easily serviceable, and make the hardware fit into both composite and roto-molded boats. It's certainly a good idea to give it another go over.