10 (More) Sea Kayaks to Try Before You Buy

While I'm a fan of British-style boats -- I own two -- I don't think that they are the only kayaks that you should try before you buy. I think that you should try as many different styles of boats as possible before making a buying choice. Chance are that if you've been paddling for awhile, you already know what you like, but if you haven't, you need to try a bunch of different styles. In that theme, here are my top 10 sea kayak picks to try.

Lendal: Song For The Dumped

Now the thing is, LENDAL used to be a premiere brand. Holding a Lendal in your hand was something akin to holding Excalibur. Then Johnson took over and QC went into the dumper. Yeah, they got it under control but everything that the brand had stood for in the eyes of sea kayakers never really came back. Now I can't help wonder if Lendal is about to be saved or on its way to getting tossed around like a _________ ___________. (Creatively fill in the blank.)