10 Sea Kayaks You Should Paddle Before You Buy

Sea kayaks are expensive. To be honest, reading alone won't tell you what you need to know before you drop $3,000 or more on a top-of-the-line kayak. You have to paddle them to know how they feel to you. What's more, how you feel in a particular kayak may be nothing like what someone else feels in that same boat. That means, no one can really tell you what the right kayak is for you. From there you can infer that what I'm about to tell you.. is worthless..

Dairyland Boatwerks – Dealing with Oxidation

I've paddled long enough that I've faced this little job before. Depending on the level of oxidization you may be able to hand polish it out, sometimes you need to sand. This was the case with my warhorse. After I cut all the deck lines and bungies off I went about wet-sanding the deck, first with a medium fine paper, then very fine. In the picture above you can see a pretty distinct line between where I had worked the deck (left side) and where it was still oxidized (right).

Old Is Fine, Sometimes It’s Flakey

I was sitting here working on an article about a couple new kayak models on their way to market and in the midst of a sentence, a bit of rational, clarity came to mind. Old is fine too. Just as we would expect in our consumer driven society, companies become hard pressed to find something new and exciting to rabbit on about in order to sell their products. Regular business cycles and short attention spans make it challenging to keep churning out “awesome, game changing, amazing, paradigm shifting” wonders. Most of it is BS of course.