jeff allen

The Immortal Coil

Creating a daisy chain is the most common and dare I say, simplest way to manage the length of your tow rope. Put simply, a daisy chained tow rope is the perfect "short tow" length. You can then quickly unravel your chain for a "long tow" length. The problem for me was that I simply never could work out how a daisy chain actually came together? Stupid? Well, if you're stupid like me.. today I'll do my best to show you how to do it...

Where would you most like to paddle Hadas?

Hadas Feldman is an amazing sea kayaker for sure, but more than that she's something of an enigma as well. She's one of those few people who changes the atmosphere simply by walking in. Suddenly the energy goes through the roof and the sun breaks through the the clouds, blue birds come out of nowhere and start to sing. . . Sure, that sounds silly now, but you'll see... Oh Man!