Life Jacket

Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf

The Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf is a great new life vest introduced in 2012. The only downside is that strangers may come up and start touching you like this.... (see pic above!) Well, hopefully not, but you know how those old sea wolves are! Well, regardless of the questionable feel-up from Astral's promo video we decided to buy a new sea wolf . Here's why...

drifting person

I answered a couple phone calls but felt incoherent. Finding words was like reading old English script backwards behind a glass of water. Gryphon's been sick for days. I caught it last night. I did my bit for the day. Lasted as long as I could. Now I simply want to crawl under the blankets like slipping beneath the surface of the sea, and sink to the bottom.

pfd rewind

One past post that stuck out to me was one I had writing in May of 2005 called PFDs & Revolutions. Not simply because the article opened with a quick trek through my warped mind but that the following discussion about PFDs (Which we now call "Life Jackets"...again) would be a rather appropriate post today. In fact it seems almost every year we could talk about choosing a PFD and the sort of kit we should carry on our body at all times.