Mirror Lake State Park

Price of Admission…

Outdoor types come with a steep price tag. Keep that in mind if you set you eyes upon a nature addict, and most especially kayakers! We're going to be out there in the wilds as much as physically possible. We're not going to be stopped by mud, rain, snow or a wide expanse of water hovering just above freezing. After all, we know how to dress!

A Return to Mirror Lake

The whole of Mirror Lake is under a no-wake rule making it a fairly protected destination for paddlers. The lake itself has a surface area of around 137 acres contained in 3 main lobes. The average depth of the lake is between 10 to 14 feet, deeper in the high walled canyons where the original stream bed once flowed. There is no better place to be on a hot and humid summer day here in Wisconsin. Within the canyons air temperatures are amazingly cool.