10 (More) Sea Kayaks to Try Before You Buy

While I'm a fan of British-style boats -- I own two -- I don't think that they are the only kayaks that you should try before you buy. I think that you should try as many different styles of boats as possible before making a buying choice. Chance are that if you've been paddling for awhile, you already know what you like, but if you haven't, you need to try a bunch of different styles. In that theme, here are my top 10 sea kayak picks to try.


“The truth is that longer boats offer little to no advantage at touring speeds, which for the vast majority of sea touring kayakers, rarely exceed 4 knots. In fact drag data among many kayak models illustrates that shorter boats often have less drag at these speeds. Add to this the effect of wind and waves and a small paddler can find themselves struggling with a kayak that is just too much for them to handle. Where’s the fun in that?” – notes from Necky Eliza designer. Read More Here. Your thoughts?

You’re Cut

This year General Motors here in the states has been trying to remain viable. So they started cutting brands. First on the block was Pontiac. Pontiac was meant to be the more sporty, muscle bound GM. Pontiac was for adults who had to take kids to ballet but didn't want to totally go "middle age". I loved Pontiac myself. In fact and still own a Grand Prix. GM is also talking about chopping or selling off Saturn and Hummer as well. So that got me thinking. In these tough times what if our favorite kayak companies had to cut back?